Here are some frequently asked questions.

The item i want is currently out of stock


All orders are subject to stock availability and confirmation of the order price. In the case whereby your ordered products is out of stock (Jerseys and Sneakers) or you ordered the wrong size of our product as at the time your order was duely processed, reach out directly to our support services via whatsapp, E-mail or calls, any necessary considerations in either of the cases will be visited.

In the case where by the over-sight of the order processed is from us, we will duely notify you through your mail, help you with product exchange of similar value(you choose, we deliver), but will not refund the customer as the case may be.

In the case whereby the customer makes the mistake of ordering the wrong size for products, 1/3 cost of re-delivering the products will be catered for by KICKSATLANTIS and the other costs handled by the customer.

How do i purchase size 46 for sneakers


There are special cases whereby the customers have a “bigfoot” and the desired ordered sneakers does not come in size 46 and above, special ordering for the sneakers is made and the delivery date of such product can not be specified, but customer will be noted on the progress of their order. In the case whereby the order is terminated or cannot be completed, a full refund is made to the customer in that case.

We may advice our customer to try rocking their sneakers without sole pads in the case whereby size 45 is almost a perfect fit, as we have observed over the years sneakers re-adjust to fit perfectly after being worn more than once.

Contacting Customer Service


Our customer service team is available to assist you with orders, requests or complains anytime via either of this platforms:

  1. You can dial us.

Contact us by phone to speak directly to one of our customer service representatives on Mondays through saturdays from 7:30am – 3:30pm. Our phones numbers are +2347053369877 or +2349028127715.

      2. Send us an email

Contact us by sending an email to kicksatlantis@gmail.com. Our customer service team can’t wait to hear from you anytime, anytime. 

     3.  Chat live for fast assistance.

Connect with any of our customer representatives via whatsapp live chat to make an order or track existing orders during regular business hours on +2348119037914 or +2347065316098

      4.  Signup with our vendor for our exclusive newsletters.

we send updates about our latest products, promotional offers, flash sales, and available opportunities with us. Why not subscribe to our newsletter via your email and you let us worry about what is best for you?

Product warranty


KICKSATLANTIS warrants all of its products exclusively branded and sold to our esteemed customers either through our physical retail stores, our social media handles or via our website to be free of physical damage, wear and tear, stains. You can reach out to our customer service representative in the case any of the above listed is not applicable.

Under no circumstance shall KICKSATLANTIS be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages based upon breach of this limited warranty, breach of contract or strict liability.

How do i use coupon codes?


Coupons and promotions can be applied during checkout. Just enter the promotion code on the cart page of the website or mobile app, or otherwise actively participate in KICKSATLANTIS flash sales or giveaways to maximally enjoy your shopping experience.

Be sure to check every offer details to verify the terms and conditions.

How do i qualify for free shipping for local orders?


We currently have two ways to enable our customers qualify for free shipping for local orders:

  1.  Your cart total, including promotions and discounts, is $100.00 or more
  2. Shop during a special event that advertises free shipping for all orders.

How long will my order take to get to me after i make payment?


Local orders (orders made in Nigeria) takes between 1-3 working days, depending on the delivery mode, and the courier services employed as at the time the order is made.

International orders takes between 3-7 working days, depending on the courier services employed as at the time the order is made. In the case of over-the-air orders( Express delivery), orders are completed in 1-3 working days regardless of your location in the world.

Can i send Feedback and Recommendations to improve Kicksatlantis?


Absolutely, your feedback and recommendations means a lot to us. We at KICKSATLANTIS believe it is beyond the products but about maximally satisfying our esteemed customers. Our Customer care agent are craving to hear from You. 

Do you ship Internationally?


Yes we do, We have made shipment of sneakers and jerseys multiple times to Canada, the US, and Australia. We hope to reach our customers spread far and wide ‘like autumn leaves’ across the earth and ‘beyond’. 

 what is the difference between premium delivery and Express delivery?


The Premium delivery is the default package considered for orders made above $100, in this case, KICKSATLANTIS will cater for free shipping of the product to any part of the country (Nigeria) and will offer a 50% delivery discount on international orders. The mode of delivery is subject to KICKSATLANTIS discretion. Local orders can be guaranteed to be processed with 1-3 business days and international orders between 3-7 working days depending on the courier service employed as at the time the order was processed.

The Express delivery also known as over-the-air delivery is made upon customers request, orders processed using the express delivery can be guaranteed to be process in 1-2 days of processing the orders. The costs of delivery is entirely catered for by the customer.

How can i advertise on this platform?


Reach out to any of out to any of our available customer care agent, as you will be provided with an affordable rate of making your business/brand go viral and having a wider market of faithful KICKSATLANTANS to reach.

The rate of placing an advert is unbelievably affordable and you can be rest assured of being heard or seen via this platform.

What grade of Jerseys are in stock?


There are Original jerseys (with brand or brand representatives signature) available on pre-order. This is not currently stocked due to the influx of fakes in the jersey markets of today. If you order for original jersey, be rest assured we will deliver.

Available in stock are the fan jerseys, this is authorized for sales and distribution from the the original Jersey manufacturers. The quality of the Jersey is mind blowing and almost equal to that of the original jersey.

Under no circumstance do any of retail stores/online store/affiliate market duely registered under the aegis of KICKSATLANTIS sell fake jerseys to her customers. Kindly reach out to our customer care agents if you need more clarification or you notice any foul-play on your orders.

Sales Tax


Sales tax is calculated according to the ship-to address for orders placed on kicksatlantis.com. If the ship-to state has a sales tax and no exemptions for sneakers or Jerseys, sales tax will be applied at the full state/city/county and any other special district taxes. Otherwise, addition costs in shipping will be accounted for by the agreed international courier service.

Payment Options


To serve you better and also protect your credit cards from being hacked, we can’t but agree having an intimate chat with our customers via whatsapp live chat is the better way to transact. We only transact using Paypal or direct bank transfers or deposits. We currently do not accept any other form of payment, please bear with us.

Delivery Packages


We offer discounted delivery for local orders across the country(the cost charged by courier services is considered at a reasonable fee), but offer free delivery services to local orders within the South western region of the country and orders that exceeds $100.00 regardless of your geo-location in Nigeria.

Read our terms and conditions to know more about our delivery packages.

How do i know my shoe size?


Uk Size         EU Size        US Size       Foot Length (MM)

     3                     35.5                   4                         220

     4                     37                       5                         229

     5                      38                      6                        237

     6                     39                       7                         246

     7                      40.5                  8                         254

     7.5                  41                       8.5                     258

     8                     42                      9                          262

     8.5                  42.5                   9.5                      266

     9                     43                      10                         271

     9.5                  44                      10.5                     275

     10                    44.5                  11                         279

     10.5                45                      11.5                      283

     11                    46                      12                         288

     12                    47                      13                         296

     13                    48                      14                         305

    14                     49.5                   15                         314

Why Kicksatlantis?


KICKATLANTIS offers quality sneakers and jerseys for less. We are dependable, recheable and we believe in our customers dreams, as our will to dressing and walking along our customers is our driving force.


Our tagline, “…your plug into greatness” are beyond mere words as we hope to make our vision and mission statement well spelt in the hearts of our esteemed customers.

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